William Rothbard – Speaks At National Ingredient Association Conference

William Rothbard - Speaks At National Ingredient Association ConferenceSANTA MONICA, CA – William Rothbard, a prominent national attorney with over three decades of experience in advertising and marketing law, took part in the annual conference of the National Ingredient Association held in Los Angeles, California. In addition to attending the different sessions, he actively participated by delivering a presentation titled ‘FTC V. SUPPLEMENTS’, which addressed the latest Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforcement actions on dietary supplement claims. Rothbard’s speech was created especially for the event, which featured a panel of industry leaders to discuss a variety of regulatory challenges facing the natural ingredients industry

During his presentation, Rothbard stressed the need for advertisements and product claims to be truthful and well-substantiated, and emphasized that ingredient manufacturers and suppliers can be liable for facilitating deceptive consumer advertising by their trade customers. To underscore his point, he referred to a $3.5 million settlement the FTC recently obtained against Applied Sciences, a dietary supplement ingredient manufacturer that was accused of supplying false information to its trade customers to use in promoting Applied Sciences’ products. Addressing his audience, Rothbard emphasized the need to rely on competent and reliable scientific evidence, including controlled human clinical studies, rather than customer anecdotes, subjective consumer surveys, and manufacturer’s sales literature, to substantiate ingredient claims.

William Rothbard offered valuable advice on the need to prepare and act according to the FTC’s latest compliance actions and guidance. One of the important tips he offered was to have at least one controlled human clinical study to strengthen manufacturers’ efficacy and safety claims, especially on products that contain multi-ingredient formulas. Finally, to help supplement suppliers “survive in a hyper-aggressive regulatory environment”, Rothbard explained the value of having expert counsel who understands FTC thinking and enforcement strategies to avoid the legal and financial consequences of becoming an FTC target.

Formerly an Advertising Attorney with the FTC who also served as Attorney Advisor to Chairman at the FTC, William Rothbard has nearly four decades of experience in advertising and marketing regulation and defense of companies and individuals in federal and state law enforcement proceedings. A graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of California Hastings College of Law, he also served as Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Antitrust, Monopoly, and Business Rights.